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The compact air purifier for pure indoor air – for room sizes of 30 to 50 sqm. Novel 360° multi layer ­filter system with long life HEPA filter technology and ­greatest amount of specialized active carbon.

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We are a specialist product company, committed to providing class leading award winning air purifiers, coupled with second to none Service Agreements, with full support team, giving customers complete peace of mind 24/7. Consistently performing where others fail.



Considerair air purifiers - breathe freely and think clearly


Considerair air purifiers are certified as an allergy friendly product by the European centre for Allergy Research Foundation and stamped with the ECARF seal.

Our Air Purifiers use the finest filters made by the German air filter giant Freudeneburg:



This quest for perfection is continued by our manufacturer, combining this filter with an EC Greentech motor driven fan, by EBM-Papst, which is both whisper quiet and very economical, creating a world beating combination in this field of German engineering.

The true Hepa H13 medical grade filter will effectively trap any virus when contaminated air passes through the filter, automatically detected by highly sensitive gas and particulate sensors.

Covid 19

Whether you are a care home, doctor, dentist, gym or other commercial enterprise, why not take this opportunity to speak with an expert about reducing your risk in the current health crisis.

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